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Children's Piano Course May 2010

New piano course for young children is due to start May 2010.
Info here:


Piano Course Start April 2010

New piano course will start mid April
Students can sending an request for a free introduction:

Chord Playing Site

New chord playing site - featuring basic chords - updated throughout the year...



Tips On Buying Digital Pianos

Chef.If you are going to by a digital (electric) piano, here are some points to keep in mind.

  1. The keyboard does not have to be full piano length, that is 7 to 8 octaves, but should have at least 5 octaves. In other words, choose a keyboard that has at least 64 keys or more.
  2. It is important that the actual keys on the keyboard are piano size.  
  3. I recommend that the keys are both touch sensitive and weighted.

605153-948439-thumbnail.jpg             605153-948400-thumbnail.jpg

Weighted Keys

A digital piano keyboard is referred to as having weighted keys when the action of its keys imitate the action of an acoustic piano.

Touch sensitive

A touch sensitive keyboard means that its keys react to how had you press them. If you pressed them down softly you will get a quiet sound, if you press them down hard the sound is louder. To play your music with expression and feeling you will need this function.

Conclusion Can't write anything.

Digital pianos with the size and functionality described above are a little bit more expensive that ordinary digital pianos, however the playing experience is much more enjoyable. The company you buy your piano from will know the terms mentioned above.


Here are some places in Copenhagen where you can buy or rent digital pianos. 

 Other Links

For those interested, below are some links to great articles about the musical keyboard and digital pianos:

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Books and downloads

A book written by John Lambert Harman, and some selected CDs by known artists have been added to the site under Copenhagen 32 Poems.

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